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David is 10 years old and for one year he suffers from mood swings that can be very extreme: from very happy to intense grieving. He has breathing problems and is feeling indisposed frequently since then. The trigger could have been the bullying classmates around that time.

But a month ago, it became rather acute: he was very sad and said 'I wish I was not born' and brought him very near a depression. Mother nor son knew where it came from, but the mother was very worried and asked my help.

As David is in my office, I focus on grief and find it in his belly: from when is it present? Before birth! (the pregnancy was not very welcome to the father since the relationship wasn't working. Also, the youngest brother of the mother had leukaemia and could only be rescued by stem cell donation from the mother, which was impossible due to the pregnancy and this gave her a very deep ambiguity. Fortunately, also her eldest brother was capable as donor and her sick brother could be rescued).

Grief in David was mostly the charge he caught from the mother during pregnancy, due to the situation with the ill brother. This came together with confusion: wasn't he welcome? He felt the hesitation in the family that lead to the postulate: 'they don't want me' which was triggered last year by the bullying classmates.

So, my first action was working together with the subconscious mind of David and showing him what happened during the pregnancy and with the power of intention, respectfully returning the grief to the mother (who was present in the treatment room and apparently felt what was happening) and then exchanged it with the lost quality of David: "personality". In addition the confusion due to the attitude of the father was removed and made place for "self-confidence". This made his belly feel warm and full of energy. I also imagined together with David the bullying classmates and exchanged the charges that emerged there: confusion went back to these boys, (especially to one of them) and the lost quality that returned was "peace".

Then I integrated the inner child of 9 years old after I saw he was comforted, but the foetus wasn't ready to be integrated:

Wat else is there to do now?... yes... I see a kind of emptiness in his legs: a piece of David withdraws during pregnancy due to the threat. (This means a person is not available with his full qualities here in life). So, I invite this withdrawn energetic personality piece to join the young boy by sending him the message: 'it is okay now', charges are gone, threat is gone... He came and this made him shine and it was as if crystals were glowing in his belly. I integrated the inner child (foetus).

At this moment, the energy transformation is so strong that I cannot take any further action. I 'd like to see him back in a fortnight.

In our next meeting his mother tells me that a lot has changed. David is more confident, and one day he told her that he had the feeling that he had grown inside, he felt taller. Even the classmates came to him with a totally different and friendly energy!?! His concentration went better again and no more sickness was felt. A huge progress.

So, my question was: is there anything else to do now? The mother asked to work further on the self-confidence.

I focus on self-confidence and see that his energy midline is broken between the 2nd and 3rd chakra: it is confusion again. This emerged when he was about three years old. With some questions to his mother I find out there was surgery at that moment: an umbilical herniation and circumcision. In the energetic world and with the power of intention, I still need the help from the 'inner adult' to explain wat happened then. When he understands it, I can release this confusion charge with the power of intention, and exchanging it with his own lost energy: flow is returning back in his belly. I now integrate the inner child of 3 years old.

My following (unspoken) question is: 'is there anything else to cure now?'

Something comes up: his stepsister... (David has a sister, 9 years older from another father and has a bad relationship with her)

When I focus on their relationship I am sucked into a past life they had together. They seem to have a karmic relationship about power and toleration. I get an impression as if she took the power and poisoned him to govern a certain region somewhere in the Middle Ages. I work with his P.L. personality, convincing him that it is really all over, past... I force the venom to leave the body and bring brother and sister together: there is forgiveness. P.L. is sent to the light (never integrated in this kind of work) and is asked to give the current life (David) a present. He receives a sceptre: the symbol of power and with the sceptre, the ability to handle power with dignity.

I feel now that the relationship with his stepsister will change and become more fluid.

One fortnight later, an auspicious email came from his mother, that David feels great, makes new friends, overcomes fears and his results at school are improving.

Happy client, happy therapist 

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